Our Services

Let us help you make your dreams a reality.


We provide:

  • Christian Counseling/Anger Management

  • Workforce Development/2nd Chance Employment Opportunities

  • Entrepreneurial Training

  • Housing

  • Ministry

  • Clothing referrals

  • Food/Furniture Assistance

A wood and white kitchen
A concrete designed bathroom
White colored bedroom

Additional Services Provided:

In addition, Brothers and Sisters United for Christ partners with community resources to provide:


  • GED preparation,

  • Job readiness and interview skills training,

  • computer skills development,

  • child care,

  • computer lab,

  • resume prep,

  • email, fax, telephone,

  • financial literacy,

  • pre-employment drug screening,

  • background checks,

  • bonding, and MORE...

Crane at Work
Rising to new heights
Confident Businesswoman



"The way I deal with my anger has improved markedly.  When I get upset, I calm myself down using the techniques that we discussed.  I feel like everything helps." E. T.

This is a Success Story &

You can be too!

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